Together with Filiberto Amati of Amati & Associates, we had the privilege to speak with Paris-based, former financial investor and digital entrepreneur, Aurelien van Berten, COO and co-founder of Wabel and, both very successful global scale ups in the realm of digital matchmaking for B-to-B business development, with particular focus on FCMG and packaging.

As part of our “Design Thinkers” series on the future of events, Filiberto Amati of Amati and Associates, Warsaw, and I had the privilege to interview world-class talent, global citizen, and digital visionary Hugo Pilate, program manager at PLACE Network and co-conspirator at Banlieu du Turfu, formerly with Quicksand, India, currently independent Service Design consultant between smart cities and digital futures, between Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Paris. This was an opportunity for Hugo to share his insights and ideas, and for us to learn about different roadmaps and landscapes of future events.

Kitty Suidman, alumni of the Design Academy Eindhoven, is Director Colours, Materials, Finish (CMF) and Director Product Sustainability as Sonos, the inventive home audio digital entertainment manufacturer based in the U.S.A. and of global reach and fame. After deservedly featuring her in my earlier Medium article on female leadership at Philips Design, that enjoyed wide interest and positive reactions, although sometimes polarizing. Kitty was pivotal in establishing the Visual Trend Analysis competence in Asia Pacific, with her tenure at Philips Design continental headquarters in Hong Kong, and followed up with a brilliant career at T- Mobile, after Motorola in Chicago, with my fellow countryman, Marco Susani, and Lisa Yong, now at Y Studios, San Francisco, recently appointed as Content Director, Consumer Tech, at WGSN, before successfully landing in her current Seattle-based studio in Sonos. Furthermore, Kitty is committed to preferable futures in various roles and commitments, e.g. as Board President of BEST (Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking). Together with Filiberto Amati of Amati & Associates, we engaged in a dialog with Kitty about the future of public events, team meetings, company culture, design futures, and much more.

Every modern generation has a designer of choice and of reference, who captures the Zeitgeist and delivers the vision that stands for a better future, by design. After redefining what graphic design can do in the 1990s desktop revolution with his earlier studio, Bruce Mau Design, Toronto, Bruce Mau, author of “MAU MC24”, Phaidon, founder of Massive Change Network, Chicago, and currently Innovator in Residence at Freeman Company, Dallas, TX, the event sector leader, is one of such design leaders, and his time is now. With Filiberto Amati, of Amati & Associates, on 16/09/2021 we engaged in a deep dialog in a unique LinkedIn event, here on YouTube as a clip, as part of our series on the future of events as part of our extracurricular research commitments to foresight and futures.

Semiconductors are hot because of their shortage. The Spring 2021 shortage of supply of chips worldwide has caused major concerns to manufacturers in automotive, in consumer electronics, and in almost all manufacturing categories. Because chips, or semiconductors, are everywhere as the silicon bloodstream of the digital planet. What is the future of B-to-B events from this mission critical viewpoint for the future?

Joanne Schroeder, President, UN World Leisure Organization, US, and Graduate Chair, Department Recreation and Tourism at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, US, joined Filiberto Amati, MBA, and me in our program of conversations with thought leaders, functional to scope future landscapes of (business) events.

Filiberto Amati, MBA, and I interviewed Samir Bantal, Director AMO at Rem Koohlaas’ OMA, Rotterdam, and Curator of the Countryside. The Future 2020 research show at the Guggenheim, New York City, on the future of (business) events, cities, and museums from a viewpoint of Design Futures, Architecture, and multidisciplinary thought leadership. These are the highlights of our lively exchange.

After a few years of always intense dialog and exchanges, since we met the 21st of August, 2017 at a memorable dinner at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, a Swedish Grande Dame of continental glamour, on invitation of Mr. Mohammed Zaman of Royal Falcon Fleet, designed by Roland Heiler and his team at Porsche Design, I was very glad to accept Aaron Olivera’s invitation to join the distinguished short list of advisors of his Earth300 enterprise.

This article is a report on the 04/05/2021 dialog with Dr. Robert Govers and Filiberto Amati, MBA, with videoclip available on YouTube, Chairman of the International Place Branding Association and Editor for Palgrave, for the research program on the Future of Business Events by Amati & Associates.

Marco Bevolo

Italian living between NL and Japan. 1967, born; 1994, Literature and Philosophy; 2016 Behavioral and Social Sciences; 5 books; 20 scientific papers; Keynote.

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